e-HAIL: E-Health & Artificial Intelligence

Making the University of Michigan a premier hub for AI and health to improve health using technology

e-HAIL: E-Health and Artificial Intelligence

e-HAIL is a joint Michigan Medicine and College of Engineering initiative that aims to make U-M a premier hub for research that innovates in health through AI.

Our focus is on collaboration, grant development, and infrastructure to support a multi-disciplinary approach to innovations in healthcare and AI/ML methodologies.

The initiative provides several opportunities for researchers to connect and learn from others operating at the intersection of AI and health.

We provide concrete support for preparing grant applications, including finding collaborators, grant writing assistance, and hiring student support.

Stay tuned for more as the program grows!

Activities & Events

e-HAIL Symposium 2023 – Highlights
e-HAIL Work-in-Progress Seminar Series
Documentation and information meetings about new grant opportunities (NIH, NSF, Foundations)

Zoom Office Hours “What a Grant Writer Can Do for You” and “e-HAIL Summer Student Support Program”

Presentations at departmental faculty meetings or other units

Funding Support to Strengthen Joint Grant Applications

Support for faculty dyads consisting of one (or more) AI experts and one (or more) Health experts who are preparing a joint grant application or have received one

Student Summer Support Program: Up to 12K to hire a student to assist with preliminary data collection and analysis. Apply here

Data Annotation Credits: Up to 5K to offset the cost of data set creation for preliminary data. Apply here

Supplement Awards: Up to 30K for eligible costs to support work on MPI grants at 500K+/year award level. Rolling deadline.
Apply here

Grant Writing & Programmer Support

e-HAIL member dyads may request grant writer and AI/ML programmer support.
Request grant writing assistance (if prompted, use Level 1 login credentials)
Request AI/ML programmer support (if prompted, use Level 1 login credentials)

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